Frequently Asked Questions

After reviewing the below if you need further info, please contact us.

We have an estimated delivery date of 11/01/2020. Which leaves ample time for delivery to the consumer and dealer well before the holidays.

We have tested bars ranging in size from 18-48 inches from Canyon Runner, Carlson, Hogy, Sterling, Squidnation, Tourmentor, Tourament Cable and every off brand we could find.

Any bar that has a bird already attached to the bar on the main line which would prevent wingman from attaching over the center of the bar.

Yes. We created a solid version for builders, manufacturers and tackle shops that manufacturer finished spreader bars.

No. We created two versions - a Port and a Starboard. Why? Our first design was a bird that changed multiple positions, 22.5, 45, 90 degrees - It worked great..... For about 250 turns and 6 months in then the material would weaken just like the others on the market causing a failure. In the end we decided you need to buy two anyway, why complicate it with a weak link.

No. For most bars in the 30-48" size everything works amazing. The smaller bars 18,20 & 24 inch you will have to add a little weight on the leading edge. 1oz 18", 1.5oz 20" and 2oz for the 24".

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