Upgrade any Spreader bar
into a Wingman !

Removable and reusable by Snap-Lock clip design.

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We set out to create a bird that would clip over your existing spreader bar and get it into clean water. What we didn't realize is everything else we would improve on during the design process.


8" Squid Pattern


6" Cupped for splash


6" stretched diamond


For Bar Stabilization

Dual Snap Locks


Hardware Cavities

Fits 99% of all bars

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Spreader Bar Testing

The biggest challenge was to eliminate added weights so your bar wouldn't require further modification and of course wouldn't sink. We tested every bar we could find from every large manufacturer out there as well as tons of small off brands. We are happy to say 99% of bars tested 30 inches plus work perfectly as a plug and play, clip wingman over and your all set.

Spreader Bar Stabilization
  • 48" bar {No Weight Needed}
  • 42" bar {No Weight Needed}
  • 36" bar {No Weight Needed}
  • 30" bar {No Weight Needed}
  • 24" bar {1.0oz outside drop}
  • 20" bar {1.5oz outside drop}
  • 18" bar {2.0oz outside drop}
Spreader Bar Speed
  • 4 knts {ideal}
  • 5 knts {ideal}
  • 6 knts {ideal}
  • 7 knts {ideal}
  • 8 knts {good}
  • 9 knts {fair}
  • 10+ knts {poor}

Wingman Side TrackR

Tracker spreader bars have been available for many years now being produced by a number of different companies. Although many have made side trackers, never has one been available where you can convert your existing standard spreader bar into a tracker bar. Wingman was designed and tested over the last few years before becoming available now in the spring of 2021. Wingman is available in our patent pending two part lock over design and our solid one part version which comes on ready to fish built spreader bars. Our two part lock over design allows users to secure wingman over virtually any existing old or new spreader bar and covert it into a wingman wide trackr. Available in port and starboard wingman can be removed, reused and changed between bars in seconds while out on the water. During our design phases we improved on many of the issues with regular classic plain birds as well as the issues with current tracker bars. We cupped our wings so water is pushed upward and forward creating a high splash spray profile while under troll. Stabilization hydrofoils to steady wingman through rougher waters take this tracker to another level. Our tracking fins are based on the designs of racing sailboat hulls and positioned at an angle which achieves the perfect distance away from your vessel. When tested against competitors we were on average 10’-20’ further out to the side, based on the manufacture tested against. With that being said you can add another rod and a wingman to your current tracker spread without taking anything else out of play. Understand this distance is what we chose as being the most effective in a trolling spread without requiring too much added weight. Distance to the side was very easy to manipulate during the design phase but you have to understand the further the fin pulls the bar to the side the more weight or counter buoyancy is needed for the bar to maintain a level profile in the water. The easiest and most effective way is to clip a weight to the leading edge of your bar that wingman is being added to. We include weights with our lock over version to stabilize bars from 18” to 36”. Being that most, actually 90% + of all commercially available non tracker spreader bars are the standard 36” our wingman was designed and calibrated to accommodate that specific size. Initially we set out with a positional fin that could change from port to starboard, but in the end we decided against it and went with a fixed port or starboard fin. A few reasons but mainly because most people that purchase spreader bars buy them in pairs. Let’s face it if you own a bar that can be changed you don’t ever change it, think about it, when was the last time you changed its position? Never mind the failure rate after multiple position changes. Then there was the look, most trackers are a plain bird with solid color plastic and some type of jerry rigged fin to make it track port or starboard. We set out to make something new and exciting the right way with solid injection moulded plastic, a 3D realist squid pattern and 8 painted color-ways keeping with the classics and adding a few of our own into the mix. Classic rainbow has always been a favorite in the offshore trolling game, as to why the color is so effective is up for speculation. The most scientific answer is that the colors reflect light at different wavelengths to the fish’s eye during different lighting conditions and they can see one of the colors at any given time during any giving condition. Taking this into consideration we of corse kept the original rainbow as one of our eight color-ways. Based on the this scientific data we also added the color we call full spectrum as that’s exactly what the color-way is. Full spectrum is a painted wingman to contain every color in the light spectrum. Our other colors include the classic green, black over purple, blue white, pink white and then we have our Incredible Hulk, sandeel and lemon lime to add into the mix while still matching the standard squid colors available on the market today. Ask for wingman at your local tackle shop, visit our social media tag and like us @UFSHNUSA to win some free gear

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